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See the Output section under Power Supply Specifications. Your existing password has not been changed. The 9130 is specified to have less than 3 mV RMS of noise; this particular supply met the specification. A) Open-loop starting up is often used in start-up of sensorless design. (Reliable but not the most power-efficent.) Q) Do you want the 90 degree lead angle to be smaller have a peek here

The task of the component is to convert the relatively high voltage alternating current from the mains supply into stable low voltage direct current which is required by all electronic equipment. The transformer may have multiple windings or taps, in which case the instrument uses switches to select the different voltages. Linear power supplies are typically much less efficient than switching mode power supplies. Notes: It is important for students to understand where this equation comes from. http://www.instructables.com/answers/Power-Supply-Question/

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Q) What about Trapezoidal control? Some models may not be adjustable all the way down to zero volts and their maximum output current may be proportional to the output voltage, rather than supplying the rated current In our country, the standard voltage in houses is 220V AC. I only want to use op amps and passive components.

It is always desirable to have the ratio be as close as 1. AC power is almost universally used for distributing electrical power.BlackoutLoss of AC electrical power.BrownoutA planned AC voltage reduction by the power company to counter excessive demand.Capacitive couplingTwo separated conductors always form One common misconception is that is has something to do with the transformer, as though a transformer had the ability to step frequency up and down just as easily as voltage Commercial Power Supply Has Voltage Regulation Of A) Field weakening is done by making the Id reference a negative value.

If efficiency is important to you, you'll want to measure it carefully. A) Any application that requires a large (>50%) of torque during startup or requires the motor to operate at less than approximatly 10% of rated speed will be difficult to use Q) What is the difference between a BLDC motor and PMSM? http://www.xppowerplc.com/html/about/questions.asp The reason this can be a useful thing to do is because the function generator's signal can then be inserted into a circuit that is biased above or below ground (or

This happens at the boundary between two sectors. Ac Power Supply Mcqs These types of supplies work well as battery eliminators and will also show you the current that the load is drawing. The card I designed has room for power resistor loads, but in every case the output voltages were accurate and stable without any load. Ask your students to explain, step by step, the process of calculating output voltage for a simple power supply circuit.

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If each Zener has a maximum current rating of 300 mA, what should be the value of the series resistance? 10 Ω 50 Ω 25 Ω 40 Ω Answer : 2 A) Yes, slowing down or braking is simply applying less torque or possibly torque in the opposite direction. Power Supply Test Questions The scope's input was AC coupled (the channel was checked to ensure that the AC coupling made no measurable affect on the amplitude of an input signal down to 30 Hz). Multiple Choice Questions On Smps The output voltage is supposed to be 15 volts DC: The technician begins making voltage measurements between some of the test points (TP) on the circuit board.

SCPI-like SCPI has helped greatly, but isn't a complete solution, because new features get added that require new commands. http://macland.net/power-supply/powersupply-problems.php Notes: A common tendency for students is to troubleshoot using the "shotgun approach,” which is to remove each component one-by-one and test it. Explain your answer. Sign in Email Verified Thank you for verifiying your email address. Objective Question On Smps

  • Q) How is field weakening done with field-oriented control?
  • This specification often includes the output voltage of the power supply.
  • Wire and contact resistance Can I connect in parallel?
  • Q.
  • Multi range supplies are different in that they recalculate voltage/current limits for each setting, forming a constant power hyperbolic shaped boundary as illustrated in the diagram below.
  • These factors add up to enable them to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Make sure its rated to handle it.
  • The load voltage is approximately constant when a Zener diode is ……….
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  • Q) Are there microcontrollers with a built-in FOC block, or are there separate ICs to handle the FOC for us?

Better filter configurations include all forms of LC ripple filters, including the popular “pi” (π) filter. Be sure to spend plenty of time in class with your students developing efficient and logical diagnostic procedures, as this will assist them greatly in their careers. This will suppress the back-EMF of the motor and allow it to spin faster. Check This Out An ideal regulated power supply is one which has voltage regulation of ………… 0% 5% 10% 1% Answer : 1 Q6.

What is the geographic split of XP's business? Series Voltage Regulator Viva Questions What end markets is XP Power exposed to? Ask your students what purpose a power supply has with regard to voltage.

Discrete switchers are interesting, but even professional electronic engineers will shy away from rolling their own, unless absolutely necessary.-max- (author)  steveastrouk3 years agoReplyDo you have any instructions on making scopes?

The maximum efficiency for a linear supply is generally around 60%. So does the commutation method really depend on the type of motor (either BLDC or PMSM)? If your scope can't do the multiplication, you can still measure the RMS values of voltage and current, measure the power factor, and multiply the three together. Which Of The Following Statements Does Not Describe An Advantage Of Digital Technology Their line regulation specification is usually wider than lab supplies, but this is fine, as voltages in automobiles vary substantially.

Follow-up question: with regard to the troubleshooting technique, this technician seems to have started from one end of the circuit and moved incrementally toward the other, checking voltage at almost every In spite of this, many vendors try to make their instrument command languages SCPI-like, meaning they use as much of the standard as they can. Note: sometimes ripple and noise is specified as PARD, which is an acronym for "periodic and random deviations". this contact form The Group has a highly diversified customer base of over 3,500 customers, including 94% of the S&P 500 equipment manufacturers.

Usually, sinusoidial control has less torque ripple and trapezodial has worse torque ripple. Remind them that rote memorization is a very poor form of learning! A typical example of this type of power supply is B&K 1621A shown: This power supply outputs one adjustable voltage, which is indicated by the one set of banana jack terminals. If we use schottky diode we can reduce power dissipation across the diode as the power dissipation = Vf x I [4 ] Why schottky diodes are used in reverse voltage

A) It really depends on your application requirements. A) Sinusoidal control will be more power efficient as it will directly control the current flowing through the motor. Reveal answer Hide answer An EMI/RFI filter has no purpose in the process of converting AC power into DC power. XP Power has set its self the goal of the being the leader in our industry in addressing the effect we have on the environment.

Our proposition to our customers is to reduce their costs of manufacture and operation. Before proceeding further it is good to refresh about Power Supply Terminology. [1] Draw the block diagram of the general power supply? is unregulated power supply 0 % 5 % 10 % 8% Answer : 3 Q4. Consider each fault independently (i.e.

I don't want to use any prebuilt chips where you have a magic black box with inductors, capacitors and resistors connected to it. Its aim is to define the terms used, introduce the different types of power supplies and the technology behind them, explain the controls of typical power supplies, and survey some examples It is sometimes referred to as startup current and it's generally several magnitudes greater than the steady-state value of the supply.InverterA electrical device used to convert DC to AC power.Remote sensingProvided A power supply can deliver a maximum rated current of 0.5 A at full-load output voltage of 20 V.

Another option is to do what I did: get that ATX powersupply, and route the 5V through thick cables to a big enough (cheap! (*)) USB hub, and just use the You will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service.