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The margin is there for a reason, and the more complicated the device, the more potential for something to go wrong. I'm going with the original manufacturer specified unit ASAP, and although lower watts/amps/voltage works, original gear is always better. On several electronics sites I see enthousiasts like us overwhelming visitors with so much information and details, so much that they leave and probably never dare to return. What do you think? http://macland.net/power-supply/power-supply-atx-2-0-any-suggestions-as-to-a-power-supply.php

Also how to wire them. Reply James April 25, 2016 at 6:54 pm # With new phone USB chargers 5v is standard across the board so the higher the amps you buy the better. If you multiply the voltage by the current, you get the wattage. I'm trying to figure out the diagram of the polarity symbols. check these guys out

Can I Use A Power Supply With Higher Amps

GreatScott! 715 482 kuvamist 7:10 Home Built Bench Power Supply - Enclosure assembly & first power up - Kestus: 12:34. I've used these PSUs in the past for various purposes, but the idea of adding the banana plugs, etc. Thanks for the giggle too, some of the comments above are very amusing. Also, Lithium-Ion batteries don't like to be completely discharged or topped off.

  • In this Instructable, I will show you how to convert a computer power supply into a regular DC power supply with 12, 5 and 3.3 volt outputs.
  • Reply Cherie May 10, 2016 at 10:02 am # A fantastic article, which was very clear and easy to understand.
  • I have an old 200W PSU i want to use in powering a 100W car speaker amplifier...
  • I came here looking for info about this scenario.
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  • share|improve this answer answered May 4 '09 at 20:16 baudtack 158111 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I really wouldn't try to swap them around, clearly one machine is
  • Unfortunately, it looks like there's only one real seller of the adapters, and I ordered one from ebay, but never received it, so I was wondering if I could make a
  • As far as current goes, the device calls the shots, and the adapter will have to do less work.
  • Here, you’ll see the volts followed by the direct current symbol and then the current.
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I would love to get 24 and higher.How do you determine which bundles connect to which rail? Voltage is measured in volts (V) and current is measured in amps (A).  (You’ve probably also heard about resistance (Ω), but this doesn’t usually show up on power adapters.) To understand Reply katell December 1, 2016 at 6:58 am # Great information!! Power Supply Amperage Too High juuni 2013Video on how to build an AC to DC converter that outputs variable voltage (~12-16 DC volts), up to ~ 130 amps!

Reply John June 12, 2016 at 4:24 am # Can I use iPhone charger to charge iPad? Power Supply Amperage Too Low The output on the second laptop's power supply is 15.6V at 5A. Damn thing makes too much noise on 12V anyway, and it would free up the resistor for something else.I've gone a little higher on the load resistor value, with mine.. you could check here Reply Jay December 30, 2015 at 8:57 am # I need a 500mA 4v adapter and can only find replacement 500mA adapters that provide either 3v or 4.5v.

What's important in a power supply for a laptop is that the voltage output is the same and the current are the same or above the original power supply. Computer Power Supply Output I had the same problem with my Kindle once I changed it to a different adapter that fit flush it charged up in no time, it certainly did not take eight I am looking at an adapter right now that is POSITIVE but the "-" sign is on the right, and the "+" on the left. The output one is 5V/1A and the other one is 5V/2.1A.

Power Supply Amperage Too Low

Roughly many amps can my power supply draw at 115 volts? http://www.instructables.com/id/Use-that-old-PC-Power-Supply-as-a-high-current-%2B3./ A constant-voltage supply doesn't determine the current: the load, which in this case is the device, does. Can I Use A Power Supply With Higher Amps What is the significance of that, if any? Can I Use A 12v Power Supply On A 9v Töö käib ...

solved Quick question how many watt power supply would be perfect for powering a GTX 970 2GB. his comment is here This includes polarity. Any ideas??? Reply Julia November 6, 2015 at 9:13 am # So, it is as simple as finding an adapter with the same voltage and polarity as the device you need to power? Computer Power Supply Amps

The charger was hot when I disconnected it. To complete the example, suppose they also offered a 200 watt power supply. (I don't know if such things exist, but feel an urge for completeness in my story.) That would If the voltage and connector are the same, you can swap them without significantly damaging anything. this contact form An old 12 volt car battery charger could easily power an LM323 3 amp 5 volt IC but it would take a week to get it.

A 100 mA wall wart may overheat and set your house on fire if not properly protected. Can I Use A 12v Adapter For 6v Võite seda eelistust all muuta. More and more supplies are being made like that, and are called universal input.

Reply Chris Gerhartz March 22, 2016 at 6:03 am # This was really helpful thank you.

but now after reading your post last night, i think i already have the idea of what kind of adapter i should look at. thank you very much sire. Reply Bob January 9, 2016 at 8:10 am # Watts (W) is the product of Volts (V) and Amps (A). Can I Use A Charger With Higher Voltage but this one gives me a little shock (just itching) sometimes when i touch any usb port or hdmi on my laptop .can you say what's the reason for the same.

It's AC in DC out, not AC OR DC. Amigo ChanJan 1, 2014, 6:58 AM RetiredChief said: When an UPS is switched from Line to battery (and yes it can take several millisectons) the Inrush current is not a factor. I would NOT tie these together, rather use them separate as you assumed. http://macland.net/power-supply/power-flashes-when-i-flip-the-power-supply-switch.php Teave Press Autoriõigused Autorid Reklaam Arendajad +YouTube Tingimused Privaatsus Eeskirjad ja turvalisus Tagasiside saatmine Proovige uusi funktsioone Laadimine ...

The Capacitors inside the PSU will supply the power for this duration. Voltage too low – If the voltage on an adapter is lower than the device, but the current is the same, then the device may work, albeit erratically. This guide has been very useful.. But the number of watts alone won't tell you if the adapter is right for your device.

Fudging It: What Happens if You Use the Wrong Adapter? I once had a friend visit from the USA that was bringing her hair straighteners and purchased what I thought was the appropriate US to UK adapter but when she plugged The device could power on, and just draw more current from the adapter than it’s designed for. A concern I have is with finding REVIEWS for Chargers // Power Adapters// Universal Laptop Power Adapter// AC/DC adapters, in the hope that the buyer knows which is the best quality

Most have built-in bleed resistors, but I imagine one may be shorted, or one of the caps themselves may be shorted.. If I connect these two lots of wires separately (ie. I turned it off, it made a little different noise the second time and then it didn't work and I smelled smoke. However, the power supplies/transformers are slightly different.

But 20 makes for simpler math.) Which one should you choose? Otherwise you can find them online for about $8 plus shipping. Why is omne ablative in catullus 1? From a 1000 mA supply.

The yellow/black pair come from their own thoughts hole on the board and the gaggle of yellow come from 1 other larger hole. So long as you don't have it plugged in while working on it you're fine. Just make sure you did your polarity test correct in the first place. If your UPS is from APC, you can download Their power chute personal edition software for free.

power-supply share|improve this question edited Sep 21 '16 at 8:16 Milliways 14.9k62869 asked Jun 14 '12 at 2:53 Alessandro Cosentino 5551518 As long as the voltage is stable at