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POST Freezes With Dead SATA Hard Drive


Oliver August 15, 2013 Seek another hard drive for immediate replacement as the current drive has failing equipment's and may soon become completely dead. in this case you go off the assumption that you need a new drive anyways and if you cant afford to pay for a recovery and just need a few things The only way to find out is to go digging for information online, and you've got to apply a strong sort filter to estimate the value of what you'll find. Reply Jasper J on November 24, 2008 at 5:39 am Well if you can shove that old drive in the freezer (try putting it in a container and hope you get Source

I knew it was HD failure because I was able to hear the hard drive trying to go on and off, and it just kept restarting itself. Reply Jim on December 30, 2008 at 5:08 pm I had a hard drive fail by not spinning up. I useally have to do this about every month. Given the second law of thermodynamics, any and all current mfg.

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Put the hard drive in a sealed plastic bag to avoid bulk condensation. Did plugging it into the under-amped cord cause it to head crash, or could it have been something else? How far you go to diagnose and fix your hard drive will depend on how important the data is for you. Plug the power to the drive without hooking the drive to the computer.

  1. Bought computer with basic CD rom drive and Xp Pulled the old hard drive and froze it over night WALLA couldn't believe it booted when I put in new computer.
  2. In the diskpart window, type list volume and hit [Enter] to show all drives connected to your computer.
  3. If you have Hard Drive Mechanic from Higher Ground Diagnostics or Tiramisu from OnTrack, then you can use these to diagnose and recover data.
  4. There was a firmware error on all the drives coming out of the factory in china so I was able to send it back and have it reflashed when it started
  5. Mike says: November 6, 2012 at 6:29 PMAs Alfred says, "Why didn't I come across this article…".
  6. i could hear the arm in the harddrive make a klink noise and then it stops moving, no more activity from my harddrive.

But - with such a new supercomputer this rarely is the reason… so just a idea to think about. William King Reply December 22, 2014 Best comment ever! I taped off the damaged contact, applied the conductive ink, gave it 12 hours of drying time, fired up the drive… My repaired PCB. How To Fix A Hard Drive That Won't Boot Next try after I let it come back to normal temperatur and freezing down -14 degree I have got for a second a USB recognition on my XP, a window opened

About Us Articles Free Resources How to Make Your First $1000 as an IT Consultant IT Business Resources Computer Tech Resources The Course Contact Us Log In Casey266 Comments Put Your How To Fix An External Hard Drive I am always impressed when the drive allows me to pull files from it. I personally estimate however that it likely approaches 65%+ . https://www.extremetech.com/computing/133294-raising-the-dead-can-a-regular-person-repair-a-damaged-hard-drive music and videos can always be found online again but your pictures and documents most likley won't.

FBackup just checks for changes and new files, so it normally takes about five to ten minutes to run for my daily backup, and often only two or three minutes for How To Fix Hard Drive Not Detected When the platter is not spinning, the heads are at rest against the park post, and sitting on the platter. Lillie Reply August 22, 2007 I tried freezing it but all that came up afterwards was ‘invalid boot disk,' just like before i froze it. Sometimes you need to put the disk in a non-infected PC to clean them.Do you have a PC which is *not* virus infected?

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HD life varies, but barring mechanical failure, 3-8 years typically.Hard drive failure and handlingThe air cushion of air between the platter surface and the head is microscopic, as small as 3 https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/free-file-recovery-software/how-to-recover-data-after-hard-drive-crash.html It's always a great idea to replace it as soon as possible to make sure that you'll have all the thing that you need and never going to loose it. Hard Drive Repair Software Test it on another PC as it sounds like a problem with the drive, not the ports.However, if SATA drive is definitely ok but both SATA ports on the motherboard are How To Fix Hard Drive Failure Now I can only use it in safemode, and it won't start in normal, it freezes before we even get to the desktop.

So i formatted OS. http://macland.net/hard-drive/preparing-hard-drive-for-new-os.php It doesn't make any noise at all, the blue light lights up when it's plugged into my laptop via USB. Within the BIOS, navigate through the available menus to find where it lists which types of drives are connected to the computer. Some people says they care and that's why  they don't use the Freezer trick. How To Fix A Dead Hard Drive

For example, If one's drive was beeping that it had platter damage, it might save a lot of time otherwise wasted on pointless PCB repair/replacement attempts or trips to the oven, If you must use a ziplock double bag it. Joel Hruska With what equipment and what make/model drives?  You can't just pull the platters out. have a peek here Check for a burned TVS.

Swapping out the PCB eliminated the 12 beeps, but accomplished nothing else. How To Recover Data From A Dead Hard Drive Once formatting is done, nothing left in the target drive. Here's How to Recover Data from a Clicking Hard Drive by Putting it in the Freezer: Here is the hard drive click of death fix: Step 1: Remove the drive from

use IDE instead or 3.

Considering how many external hard drives ‘fail' (rather the SATA bridge more than half the time) each day, that is a very high number of perfectly fine HD that are tossed! I hope they can at least fix it for me. Not the answer you're looking for? How To Repair Hard Disk Error However, it's designed for enterprise class systems (high-end workstations and servers), with administrators paid to know what they are doing.

Bicycle purist required to travel for work What is the opposite of Cancel? suraj pote Reply March 5, 2014 hello sir, im electronics student,can you help me about computer trouble shooting solutions. Kurt Tappe I can explain historically where the freezer and hammer suggestions originated. Check This Out Second, boot to a floppy-disk-based hard drive utility and run a low-level bad sector discovery utility.

It may also possible that the manufacturer may have delivered you the Laptop with bad disk structure. I have six different backups scheduled with FBackup, works a treat. I already run (F9) partition recovery many times and yet the freezing and hanging problem repeats again after a few days after using. Of course, if you got this to work you wanted to copy all the data from that drive ASAP and never let it spin down again until you did.

The system fails to boot or hang in mid of the booting process. You could start repairing your system using system recovery options (Press and hold key after starting the system) and see if it lets you access the computer. My base layer was paper towel and then I alternated heavy layers of plastic wrap with a layer of paper towel. I wonder if freezing my external hard drive would work… Can anyone tell me what they think might be causing this since there is no clicking or beeping, no noise at

I think he was trying to throw me a lifeline with the freezer tip, without losing his job. If you hear any kind of grinding, scratching, or rattling from the drive, turn the computer off as quickly as possible and go to the next step. Read More and power connector to install the drive internally on your desktop computer 5 Things to Consider When You Install a SATA Hard Drive 5 Things to Consider When You If you are avail to run your system try Windows Data Recovery professional version on to the system and recover your data before hard drive replacement.